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Performances and presentations to...

stimulate the mind...
             energize the body...
                          touch the heart...
                                        and feed the soul!


Earth, Music... Magic!: logoEarth, Music... Magic!


Learning about the incredible wonders of the natural world...
discovering and listening to the simple beauty of primitive musical instruments...
it's a magical (and fun!) combination that just might leave you a bit more in awe of this magnificent universe and the beautiful planet that we all share together and call our home.

Spontaneous music, songs, stories, humor, juggling and a whole cast of audience participation... wowzer!

Earth, Music... Magic! program

A Circle of Drums: logoA Circle of Drums... The Rhythms of Life

A Circle of Drums... The Rhythms of Life

A dynamic and completely interactive musical experience for most all age groups and abilities, the group rhythmic experience is designed to explore and enjoy the timeless traditions of primal percussion and the celebration of the community.

This engaging and exhilarating encounter for the body, mind and spirit features endless opportunities to play drums of all colors, shapes and sizes from all over the world.
Together we can weave a beautiful noise!


Heart & Soul ~ Body & Mind: logoHeart & Soul ~ Body & Mind: Celebrating Music, Culture and the Creative Spirit

Music, Culture and the Creative Spirit

Revisit the simple and humble beginnings of primitive music and explore the deliciousness of elemental music in all its wonder and glory.

This interactive presentation features a multitude of primitive and exotic primitive wind and percussion instruments fashioned from natural materials, virtually unchanged since their discovery and use centuries ago. The striking sounds and soothing melodies they bring forth reflect human creativity and ingenuity at its finest, as music profoundly touches us all as we celebrate the human experience!








From the beginning, I believe that music has been a joyful and considerable force helping humanity understand the melodies, harmonies and rhythms that exist in the natural world. Music is the soul’s eternal celebration of the living Earth! ~~ BK

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Bill Kehl
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